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To us, thinking high means breaking free from the norms of society and thinking for yourself. We believe in the power of the human mind and strive to inspire others to tap into their full potential. Our MOBcast aka(podcast)no fear philosophy & music aim to spark critical thinking and encourage listeners to explore their own consciousness. At the Think High Shop, we offer a selection of rebellious, thought-provoking products that embody our philosophy. We believe in the freedom of expression and are dedicated to supplying our customers with tools for their own self-discovery.


From our MOBCast segments to our Drip/Merchandise to even music each of the things we offer to you is created with no fear to generate both thought and self-awareness


The Think High Crew's MOBcast is the podcast that you've been searching for! Our exclusive weekly segments are designed to inspire self-awareness and growth through thought-provoking conversations. From our Monday musings to our Friday insights, each episode offers a unique perspective on issues that matter to us all. We're not afraid to tackle the big topics and offer honest and authentic opinions, even if they're unpopular. If you're ready to challenge yourself and explore new ideas, join us on the Think High Crew's MOBcast and join the conversation.

Drip/Merch Logo

At Think High Crew, we strive to provide our customers with the best products that show off their support for our talents and entertainment. Our official gear ranges from comfortable T-shirts to stylish hoodies that will keep you looking good while also shouting out your love for our group. We also offer exclusive goods such as our signature Delta Gummies, vitamins and much more that bring out the best in our fans. We’re passionate about satisfying our customers' hopes with premium quality goods. Check out our collection and order today!

Music/S.O.T.O.V. Logo

S.O.T.O.V is the premier music sensation that you should not miss out on! Our music is a fusion of different genres designed to make you think, feel, and act. Our lyrics are thought-provoking, and our sound is unique. We are a group of talented musicians who have dedicated our lives to create music that inspires and entertains. Subscribe to our channel today and be the first to receive our latest releases. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, awareness, and greatness with S.O.T.O.V.

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